A Message from Mayor Hepkins and Yeadon Borough Council


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Dear Yeadon Residents,

I pray this message finds you in good health and with hope for our future. I am reaching out to you on behalf the of the Mayor’s Office and Yeadon Borough Council to let you know that we are working together diligently to lead our beloved Yeadon Borough through this virus pandemic.

We recognize that this is an unprecedented time for all of us around the country. Many of us have seen loved ones or friends pass away from the scourge of this virus. Others have been furloughed or find themselves suddenly unemployed. Many have lost medical coverage, while we all find ourselves hunkered down in our homes as much as possible due to the stay at home order. We cannot gather in large groups and everything from our school year, our workouts, medical provisions, shopping, sports, worship and general assembly have been radically affected or put on hold. Many businesses have closed and we can no longer attend our favorite restaurant. For all of these sacrifices, we say to you – we are here with you and we empathize with these fears and anxieties – we have them too. It has certainly been a difficult time for us all, but I assure you, your continued efforts will pay off in the long run.

We are writing to encourage you to hang in there, Yeadon. We believe that despite our difficulties – together, we can make it through this. If we stay the course of social distancing, wear masks, continue to wash our hands frequently, sanitize frequently touched areas and be smart about preventing the potential spread of the virus – we can beat this thing.

We want to also assure you that although the borough is closed for normal business, our Police, Fire, and Emergency Management are in full operation working to keep us all safe. We sincerely thank them for being our front line of defense in this battle. Your borough government is actively engaged in frequent meeting with County and State officials and are meeting for livestream Council Meetings monthly to ensure the needs of the borough are met. During this stressful time, we want to direct you to our webpage for up-to-date information on COVID-19 and our emergency protocols and preparedness. We have kept our borough website at yeadonborough.org current to communicate pertinent information and resources residents may need during this crisis. We have also mailed out letters to all Yeadon households so that those without the capability to go online can receive information via mail.

In closing, we’d like to encourage residents with the spirit of togetherness, we ask that we take the time to regularly check on our neighbors – especially those who are elderly or with disabilities. We can utilize phone calls to maintain social distancing. It has been heartwarming to see neighbors make the sacrifice of staying home to keep everyone safe. This is a time when we need to continue to band together as a community. Let’s be strategic, let’s stay determined, and let’s always be positive, and we will be able to make it through as we look out for each other.

We thank you for your understanding and compliance through these difficult times. And remember – Together, we will make it through!!

Rohan K. Hepkins, Mayor

Yeadon Borough Council
LaToya Monroe, Council President
Ronald Francis, Council Vice President
Rafi Cave
Clara Johnson
Tomeka Taliah Jones-Waters
Dr. Dolores McCabe
Liana Roadcloud