In each community, whatever the size, there are needs common to all human beings that must be met through the provision of Public Works’ services. These needs are met on a daily basis by driven and hardworking men, with values, who provide and sustain Public Works’ services in the best interests of the community. In Yeadon Borough, you might not know them or see them, but the Public Works’ employees are always out there trying to make the community safer and cleaner for everyone.

The Yeadon Public Works Department was established in 1955. At the time, the department consisted of two men, and one truck to cover 1.6 square miles of roadway. In the early sixties, the department expanded to four employees. The department still only had one truck. In addition, there were minimal tools and equipment available for use. By 1973, the Borough purchased two trash trucks and hired twelve employees, six of those hires exclusively handled the trash and recycling. To raise awareness of the need to recycle, the Borough started the initiative “Yeadon on the Go” in the eighties. However, the Borough discontinued collecting trash and recycling in 1992 and decided to outsource this service. Currently, there are seven Public Works ‘employees and several trucks, equipment, and tools to address the Borough’s needs.

These employees are called upon everyday to help keep the quality of life in the community at its best. They perform many different tasks and wear many different hats. Their duties include cleaning and maintaining sewer lines, fixing and repairing street and traffic lights, painting and maintaining the streets, cutting the grass of the fifteen Borough owned lots, boarding up and cutting the grass of abatement properties, repairing and installing signage, performing concrete work, and so much more.

Public Works Department
Yeadon Borough’s current Public Works Department. Back (L to R): Keith Bowler, Sean Murphy, and Michael Pozzuolo (Foreman); Front (L to R): Oscar Lawrence, Rozano Watson, Dan Wright (Superintendent), and Arthur Wisseh.

For instance, whenever a problem arises on the street, inside one of the Borough buildings, or a Borough vehicle breaks down, a call will be placed to the Public Works Department. There are several talented and skilled employees who with their combined knowledge and expertise have saved the Borough quite a few pennies over the years.

The department is not a flashy one. It does not get talked about a lot, but to me (the superintendent and employee for the last 46 years), it is the back bone of this community. Every department plays a role in Yeadon, and the Public Works Department is always up to the challenge. We are called upon day and night, in both good and bad weather, to perform all types of tasks, such as snow plowing.

So the next time you see one of the employees, please let them know how much you appreciate the services that we perform to this great community we call Yeadon. Remember the Public Works Department is here to help, assist, and do whatever is needed to make Yeadon a place for all families to feel welcome. As such, we would like you to join us on May 22nd from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Public Works’ garage, which is located at 1115 Baily Road near Kerr Field. We will be celebrating Public Works Week, which is May 20th through May 24th. You will be able to meet the Public Works’ employees, check out our trucks and equipment, and enjoy cookout food. We hope to see you there!

– Dan Wright
Superintendent of Public Works

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