Just a few years ago, the only place you could recycle your plastic shopping bags were at your local grocery store. More than ever plastic bag recycling locations are easier to find and what can be placed in the recycling containers have also expanded to include items such as: dry-cleaning bags, bakery bags for items such as bread and rolls, produce bags, wraps for paper towels, bathroom tissue, napkins, newspaper and circular bags just to name a few.

Aside from being used to make new bags, this plastic is used to make the new plastic lumber which is being used not only to make decks, outdoor furniture and planter boxes that don’t warp, splinter or need to be painted, but toys and items that have a plastic content.

So before you think your plastic doesn’t weigh enough to make a difference, consider what second life your plastic bags might return as and return your bags to a participating Plastic Bag Recycling location.

While not all partners are listed below, locations that have Plastic Bag Recycling Boxes include Acme, Giant, The Fresh Grocer, Goodwill Industries, Kmart, Sears, SuperFresh, Pathmark, Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.

If you are a business that accepts plastic bags for recycling and would like to be included in the above list, please contact recycledelco@dcswa.net with your pertinent information.

TVs and Salvation Army
Salvation Army will take all TV’s. Prefers that they are working. Address: 66 Chester Pike Collingdale, PA 19023. Phone number: 610-461-9102

Community Action Agency of Delaware County: Call 610-874-8451 to schedule a pick up or drop off.

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