Springtime is coming! Here are a few helpful tips that property owners and tenants should address:

In the spring, there is normally a lot of rainfall. Please make sure that your downspouts and gutters are clear of any debris that could be causing them to be clogged.

Yeadon Municipal Code is now available online

In the event that you are clearing out your property and you have bulk items that you want to throw away, please be reminded that only one bulk trash item per household each week is permissible for pickup. If you are getting rid of any bedding, such as a mattress or box spring, please make sure that they are wrapped in plastic or a mattress bag. Mattress bags can be obtained at any hardware store, such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware.

This is also the time of the year when people will start to work in their yard or garden. Before digging in your garden, you should first call 811, so you do not damage your water line or the gas line that is buried under your house.

Under the storm water management act, it is illegal to wash your vehicle and let the runoff water drain into the street and subsequently into the storm sewer.

It is important that homes containing sump pumps discharge the water from the sump pumps onto a grassy area and not onto any concrete surfaces.

In the springtime, we set our clocks forward. This is also a good time to put new batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. If you store your air conditioners or fans in the basement or garage, always check them for any dirt or dust that may have accumulated over the winter, so it does not hinder them from working properly.

The Borough has certain requirements for trash containers under Ordinance 1315 Chapter 3 Section 307.4. An approved rubbish and garbage container (trash can) shall meet the following specification and shall be maintained as follows: metal or plastic leak proof container of not more than thirty three (33) gallon capacity. All containers must be marked with your address. The area where you put your trash should be kept clean and clear of any debris in order to keep animals from getting into the trash.

Under the Borough Code, the homeowner or tenant is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the grass. So, when cutting your grass, do not forget to remove it as required. It is very important that you do not blow grass clippings out into the street. Also, relay this to anyone who will be maintaining the grass for your property. The grass and vegetation growth is not to exceed 10 inches. Grass exceeding 10 inches is a violation of our Borough Code and will be handled accordingly.

Rufus Stokes, Code Director

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