From the Chief of Police

Chief Anthony Paparo

Imagination is something I feel fuels your attitude. It does mine. Imagination sets the tone for where you are, where you could be, and the things you can do along this journey of life. Imagination is a direct reflection of your attitude. Every day I thank God for giving me this opportunity to serve you, and use my imagination to come up with ways to not only motivate the officers of your department (for example; Ofc. Gallagher bought basketball nets for Bell School Students), but motivate you as well to join with us in creating a safe Yeadon for all who live, work, or visit this great community.

We accomplished a lot this past year, and 2019 is off to a great start. As I write this (Jan 2019), Yeadon’s first Citizen’s Police Academy is underway (started February 27, 2019) with graduation set for April 18, 2019 at the Council Meeting. I suggest you come out that night, and talk with residents who took the challenge and get ready for the next program to start, as this will be a yearly endeavor, along with the Youth Police Academy. Have questions about these programs or anything else? Don’t ever hesitate to call me at 610-623-7611 or stop in to see me.

Yeadon’s Camera Program or CSI Program “Cam saw it!” is in full swing, applications are available on the Borough’s website, where you can partner with us to help deter and fight crime by registering your home or business cameras. This program along with my nightly, sometimes humorous #MissionLockItUp (featured on Fox29) rants on Nextdoor and Twitter, keep instilling the message of solidarity and getting involved when it comes to crime prevention. Have you gotten your #MissionLockItUp stickers yet? No? Then stop in or give me a call and I’ll drop some off while I’m on patrol. Don’t forget to keep checking my Twitter @ChiefChachi_YPD, and Yeadon Nextdoor for my nightly messages that include using songs, TV shows, movies, and comedy themes to make it fun.

Lastly, let me know how we are doing both good and bad. I value your feedback. We always strive to not only do the right thing, but to do things better to serve you with dignity, respect, and honor. We are also human just like you, and we make mistakes. Talk to us and know we will listen; we need you to be an integral part of accomplishing our mission “to protect and serve.”

Be safe out there, and look out for one another.

Chief Anthony R. Paparo

Have a Tip? Contact Us!

If you have a tip about a crime or any criminal activity in Yeadon, let us hear from you. If you have a tip about crime outside of Yeadon, you can tell us about that, too. There are many ways you can give us a tip. We are always glad to hear from you.

Tip Line: 610-259-1228

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