Latoya Monroe

From the Council President

By LaToya Monroe

Soon, snow will give way to April’s showers and May’s flowers. I cannot wait!

Since being given the incredible honor as serving as the Borough’s Council President, I’ve had the opportunity to work collaboratively with my neighbors and colleagues on Council to Move Yeadon Forward.

Our mission is simple as a government: every single day we all must be working on how to improve our Borough for the benefit of our residents and visitors. Each time I give you a report in this quarterly newsletter, I am proud of the things that we have accomplished by simply focusing on how to best Move Yeadon forward.

We are working to hire more full-time police officers to support our phenomenal police chief, we are posting all of the Borough’s ordinances online, we are making unprecedented investments in our Borough’s infrastructure, and making sure that the taxpayers’ resources are used approrpiately. We have turned a corner as a municipality. Our Council meetings are productive and informative and I would love to see you at our Caucus or Legislative meeting. Yeadon is MOVING FORWARD and we need you to be our partners. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please reach out to me.

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