Happy March Yeadon Residents

Great News! Yeadon Borough Taxes may be paid online.

The month of January began with the Delaware County taxes being due. February continued with the Borough taxes of sewer and trash being due. Soon it will be July and the William Penn School District taxes will be due. Let’s plan ahead and be prepared to meet the 2% discount period, which ends March 31, 2019.

Please be mindful that our Yeadon zip code of 19050 is shared Lansdowne, PA. As a result, always remember to claim Yeadon, PA and not Lansdowne, PA when making purchases. For example, when you make a purchase and give our 19050 zip code, if the representative indicates that the zip code is for Lansdowne, then please let the representative know that you reside in Yeadon not Lansdowne. If you do not do this, then Lansdowne will receive sales tax credit for Yeadon purchases.

Let’s protect our Borough. . .Yeadon is alive and well!!!!

– Julianne James, Yeadon Tax Collector

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