Dear Fellow Yeadonites,

As I write this column, I want to convey how pleased I am for the community clean-up efforts on April 21st & April 28th. On those days, we cleaned up two of our gateways leading into Yeadon. The first was along Church Lane between Chester Avenue and the intersection of Cobbs Creek and 70th Street. The second was Chester Avenue to 65th Street (Darby Creek Corridor).

Over the past several years, we’ve seen a quality of life erosion in our borough due to littering, dumping, graffiti and blight.  All of this conspires to run down our neighborhood and attract criminal activity.  So it’s important to me to continue our anti-littering; anti-dumping; anti-graffiti/blight campaign.  So your continued partnership is welcome.

In addition to borough-wide clean up days, trash receptacles continue to be placed at strategic locations through the borough, signs indicating no littering or dumping with the appropriate fines continue to be posted.  Interdiction by police is also a part of that plan and the last leg of this initiative is to install cameras at strategic locations throughout the Borough to help catch violators.  That continues to be in the works…

However, with spring now upon us, I am happy that we continue to make progress and the community has gotten involved in a new community spirit of action and shared responsibility.  Let us continue to remind neighbors and friends that Yeadon will not be a place where folks can freely litter and dump.  We deserve better, and we appreciate each resident’s help in doing their part.

Let’s continue to move Yeadon forward…and let’s continue to keep Yeadon clean…

Thank You, Yeadon !!

– Mayor Rohan Hepkins

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