A Sampling of Important Regulations from the Yeadon Borough Code Book

301.2. The owner(s) is responsible to maintain the structures and exterior of the property. Occupant(s)
are responsible for keeping a clean, sanitary, and safe dwelling that complies with the requirements of the
Yeadon Code.


302.3 Concrete surfaces on a resident’s property
must be properly maintained by repairing or replacing the surface(s) if it poses a hazard. This includes driveways (shared or privately owned), curbs, sidewalks, etc.

302.4 Residents are required to keep their grass cut and maintained. Leaves, clippings, trees, brush, grass, etc. must be properly packaged and placed for collection in accordance to the Borough Code. Violations will be issued to residents who do not comply with the ordinance.

302.8.1 No inoperative or unlicensed vehicle shall be parked, kept, or stored on any premises. Such vehicles shall be considered abandoned.

665.03 The borough has an ordinance that regulates and prohibits excessive and loud noise disturbances throughout the borough.

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