Anything that goes into the Borough’s storm drains other than rainwater, melting snow or waters used for firefighting operations is considered to be an illicit discharge.

Any time a resident disposes of any household chemicals or automotive oil, or antifreeze onto a driveway, street, or directly into a storm drain, it is considered an illicit discharge. Rinsing painting supplies and dumping leftover paint into the street is another example. Sweeping grass clippings or leaves is a violation. Even emptying dirty cleaning water or any of the above items onto lawns can be problematic as there is a likelihood that it will reach the street, especially if it is raining or if there is an opportunity for rain.

Our stormwater flows directly into the Darby Creek or Cobbs Creek along with any pollutants, including littler, picked up along the way. Whether from a commercial or residential discharge, the result is still the same: the water quality ion the creeks is degraded to a point that threatens aquatic, wildlife and human health.

The borough is required to inform residents about stormwater and illicit discharges. The health of our local streams and creeks will be directly impacted by a commitment on the part of our residents to keep pollutants out of the storm drains. Dispose of these materials properly.

And remember – call 911 when witnessing an illicit discharge.

illicit discharge

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