Yeadon Historical CommissionThe Yeadon Borough Historical Commission (YBHC) was established by Yeadon Borough Council in 2015 to encourage appreciation for Yeadon Borough’s rich history while creating a means to honor and preserve it. Members of the YBHC conducted research and were able to access historical maps stored at Yeadon Borough Hall, as well as other historical materials and memorabilia archived in various locations in Delaware County. Informed discussions supported the fact that Yeadon Borough has a strong documented and undocumented historical significance; and that its history should be preserved and made a part of public knowledge. Accordingly, Yeadon Public Library has allowed YBHC to use the case in its lobby to display some of the historical maps and materials.

A year after its inception, the YBHC hosted a reception in collaboration with Yeadon Borough Council and the Yeadon Public Library. The event was well attended by both current and past residents in the Yeadon community, and recognition was given to approximately thirty known residents having lived in Yeadon for more than 50 years. Oral history interviews and residence survey data, to be used as part of a public relations campaign, were collected at the event; as well.

Please contact YBHC if you have Yeadon memorabilia or memories that you would like to share, or if you know any residents who have lived in Yeadon for more than 50 years who may not have been recognized at the above mentioned reception, or if you would just like more information about the mission and goals of the Yeadon Borough Historical Commission.

To share, comment or ask questions, please email

Yeadon Borough Historical Commission members

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