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Part-Time Code Compliance Officer

posted July 31, 2018

Code compliance officers are known by a few different titles, including building inspectors and code enforcement officers. They work primarily in the construction industry, with their chief job duties centered on inspecting buildings for safety and structural integrity to ensure that they conform to government regulations and laws. They are tasked with ensuring that buildings meet building codes set forth by the International Code Council (ICC) as well as other local principalities that have a stake in the location that is being developed. Code compliance officers need to have proper training and knowledge of codes, ordinances, and regulations and, sometimes, an associate’s degree.

Job Duties
Code compliance officers may be responsible for visiting buildings prior to their construction to verify that the plans meet code standards. During construction, another officer may focus on structural integrity and fire safety. Other officers may examine the electrical components of the building, such as the wiring, lighting, air conditioning, and appliances. Similarly, the plumbing used either for drinking water or for waste disposal, must meet certain regulations.

In commercial locations, code compliance might include the inspection of elevators or escalators. In dealing with public work projects like highways, bridges, or dams, compliance must be in strict accordance with local, state, and federal codes.

Compliance officers conduct their jobs primarily through visual inspection, but they may also use equipment like survey instruments or tape measures. They must document all of their findings with both photographs and written reports; therefore, code compliance officers must be proficient to use computer and business applications. This requirement is non-negotiable.

When problems arise, compliance officers contact the appropriate party and allow time for alterations to achieve minimum code standards. If codes are not met within the time allotted, a stop-work order is issued that halts the project until codes are met. The officer must approve the work before construction can begin again.

Any lawful tasks as directed by borough management.

Code Compliance Officer Education Requirements

Required Education: High school diploma or equivalent; associate’s degree preferred
Other Requirements: BCO certification preferred

Code compliance officers need intimate knowledge of construction practices and materials. A high school education is a minimum educational credential, but some college coursework is preferred due to the reporting aspect of the job; furthermore there is considerable on-the-job training necessary.

Training includes supervised inspections with an experienced officer, but in general, officers gain an understanding of the codes and ordinances though self-teaching.

Aspiring code compliance officers may substitute college if they have some formal training in code compliance with work experience. Experience in the construction trade may be a viable substitute.

Application for Employment

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