COVID-19 Vaccination Update from Delaware County

County Vaccine update

Delaware County Government continues to receive a very limited amount of vaccine doses. To date, 152,000 people have pre-registered with Delaware County Government to receive the vaccine. The County only received 1,000 doses this week, allowing the County to only vaccinate half of those that were planned to be vaccinated. Due to the decrease in vaccine supply, the County combined vaccinations planned at the two County sites (Aston and Yeadon) into one this week. All vaccinations by County Government will be administered at the Aston site during the week of Feb. 8. The County has not yet been notified about the vaccine supply being sent from the State for next week’s vaccination efforts.

Delaware County COVID-19 Vaccination Sites
current as of Feb. 9, 2021

Delaware County Government is currently administering the vaccine to individuals in Phase 1A and is opening appointments to match the supply. At the current level of vaccine doses that Delaware County Government is receiving from the State, it is estimated that 2,000 people in Phase 1A will receive the vaccine each week at clinics administered by Delaware County Government. As availability and delivery of the vaccine doses increase, so too will the number of people within Phase 1A that will be vaccinated each week.

Delaware County Government receives shipments of vaccine each week. Vaccine availability remains extremely limited and the number of doses received varies from week to week. That is why the County adds appointments only after the vaccine shipment is confirmed – to guarantee vaccine supply for everyone that is scheduled. If the County schedules people too far in advance, there is a risk of having to cancel appointments if the County does not receive enough vaccine supply from the State. By scheduling on a weekly basis, the County can ensure it is able to serve everyone who is scheduled to be vaccinated – both first dose and second dose.

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