Empowerment Experience for Students to Discuss Race Relations and Social Injustice

Race: Better Together

William Penn School District students in grades 7-12 will have the opportunity to participate in an Empowerment Experience virtual program to address feelings around race relations and social injustice and how students are impacted.

The Empowerment Experience, entitled “Forward Focused: Better Together,” consists of three 90-minute interactive virtual experiences offering a safe space and opportunity for students to honestly process and express their feeling and to be provided with the tools to allow for reconciliation and to become positive change agents in the community.

There is no cost to William Penn School District students, but registration is required and students must commit to attending all three sessions. The first series of sessions are scheduled for September 9, September 16, and September 23. The sessions will be provided by The Potts Group, LLC. Interested students may go to the district website to register or contact their guidance counselor.

Our country is at a crossroads as it relates to race and equality. It is imperative that we do not ignore that our students are being impacted and need a safe space and opportunity to achieve the following objectives:
• Honestly process and express their feelings.
• Get equipped with tools for reconciliation.
• Ignite the mental muscle to be positive change agents in the community.

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